Advanced Option Trader's Program

Learn from LIVE online trainings on options trading strategies

Course Details

  • Live Sessions – 170+ Hours
  • All the subjects taught with practical use cases to become a Options Trader
  • Basics of Options
  • Advance Options Strategies
  • Intraday, Weekly & Monthly Expiry Options Strategies
  • Expiry Special Strategies
  • Result & Major Events Volatility Strategies
  • Directional Neutral Strategies
  • Directional Strategies
  • Portfolio Hedging Strategies
  • 50+ Trading Strategies
  • Learn to Earn 5-7% per month stress free

What you will learn


Become an Indian stock market trader by building a solid foundation. No prior knowledge needed.

Live Trading

Observe real-time trading demonstrations to see how the instructor thinks and executes each trade.


101 Trading Strategies that take advantage of the market's volatility, trend, momentum, and price movement.


In-depth learning of Options trading like call options, put options, call Buying / Selling, options pricing & much more


Create Algo trading strategies to achieve a customized entry and exit time for your options strategy.

Risk Management

Before taking any trade, determine your maximum profit or loss or probability of profit.

Advanced Option Trader's Program of Mentorbox by stoxbox

Mentorbox, is a specially curated learning platform for all types of traders, investors and professionals who are looking to understand the nuance and best practise of the stock markets. Built by experts of the trade, our courses and workshops are designed to educate, guide and showcase “how to invest beyond the green arrow”

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Every course and webinar is designed with a mission to make you a better trader version of yourself and achieve maximum long-term growth in the markets. Our training is focused beyond the study of just markets and focuses equally on how to make you a disciplined trader. One rule of success that differentiates a successful trader from an unsuccessful one is that there are no good or bad positions, for every sell there is a person on the other side waiting to buy no matter the red or green on the chart, what matters here is your understanding of fundamentals and trade disciples that make you take accurate buying/selling decisions at the right time. By joining our program, you can seek to achieve better success with your trades and develop a keen understanding of the fundamentals and technical at a foundation level necessary to win in markets. Bridge the gap between what you know and what you should know and Kick Start Your Stock Market Journey with Mentorbox today!

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Exclusive Offer

  99,999/-+ GST


Meet the Mentors

Mr. Vamsi Krishna  <p class='authsubtxt'>Chief Executive Officer</p>

Mr. Vamsi Krishna

Chief Executive Officer

Vamsi Krishna is the Chief Executive of Stoxbox, an investing, trading and mentoring platform. With over 18 years of diverse experience in the Indian Financial Services Industry, he has contributed to many firsts in stock trading for customers, like Mobile Trading, Digital KYC and FnO traders’ app. He has pioneered in implementation of Trading Rooms where traders ‘Learn Trading by Seeing’ the mentor’s trade strategies. His teaching style specialises in simplifying the complex jargon of the stock markets thereby making money in markets a simple rule-based process. Along with being a Life member of Harvard Leaders Square and a Gold Medallist from JNTU Hyderabad, he also holds multiple degrees and certifications from some of the prestigious universities including IIM Calcutta and IIM Kozhikode.

Mr. Nikhil Doshi <p class='authsubtxt'> Technical Analyst & Trading Coach</p>

Mr. Nikhil Doshi

Technical Analyst & Trading Coach

Nikhil Doshi is an experienced Technical Analyst with a rich experience of over 12 years in the capital markets and over a decade of experience in Stocks, Futures & Options trading. Over his rich tenure as a technical Analyst and expert, he has contributed to the learning curve of many clients in understanding the fundamentals of chart reading and sharing advice on how to better their trades & portfolios for long-term wealth creation. A firm believer in “risk is your best friend” his teaching style resonates with how one can find the right high-probability setup and trades to add maximum value to their portfolio. As an instructor at Mentorbox, his webinars cover a wide spectrum of topics ranging from Concepts, Market Views, Sectoral Views, Trading Setups and much more…

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11 May 2023
Nifty, Bank Nifty,Best Stock to trade
08 May 2023
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Frequently Asked Questions

Mentorbox is a specially curated stock market courses for individuals with different levels of knowledge. With Mentorbox, you learn the different trading tools and techniques and put your learning into practice by trading live with the Mentor. Mentorbox aims to help you understand the fundamentals and strategies of the stock market and make trading decisions for maximising potential profits in the long run.
Mentorbox offers a variety of courses for all kinds of audiences. Some of the courses it offers are subject workshops for beginners, a professional trader’s program & Advanced options trader’s program
You can pick and choose from various courses on offer and enroll in the programs that best fit your requirements by visiting www.stoxbox in/mentorbox, or you can call +91 8037121400 to avail the same.
You can join the webinar by registering through the link received, or you can request alink by calling +91 8037121400
Using your real capital, you can learn and execute the strategies along with the Mentor in a live trading room.