Chat GPT is now at your wrist

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Apple Watch users may now utilize the specific WatchGPT app to access ChatGPT, the acclaimed OpenAI, AI-powered chatbot. Users can communicate with ChatGPT directly from their watch screen by downloading the $3.99 (about Rs.328) app from the App Store. Also, users can share their WatchGPT comments using the app immediately from their Apple Watch via texts, emails, and social media. The description of the software on the App Store emphasizes how simple it is to use and how well it works with Apple Watch. Users may now chat with ChatGPT whenever they want, wherever they are, by simply tapping their wrist with WatchGPT.

The creator of WatchGPT, Hidde van der Ploeg, announced on Twitter that the software is now accessible on the App Store, including in India. From their watch screen, users may utilize the app to communicate with ChatGPT and share their responses via SMS, email, and social media. Nevertheless, it requires iOS 13.0 or later-running smartphones, and the download size is 2.6MB.

Users of Apple Watch can now receive longer produced messages in addition to fast responses without having to type anything. The Apple App Store offers the WatchGPT app for download in English, Dutch, French, and Spanish.

Also, the developer of WatchGPT has disclosed planned enhancements to the application, such as the choice to utilize a personal API key, access history, and the standard capability to adhere to vocal input. To improve the user experience, the app will also enable responses to be read aloud by the app itself.

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