StoxBox API

StoxBox APIs from the Masters of Simplicity

Build full fledged trading platforms with simple HTTP/JSON APIs.

Why StoxBox API

The Open API Service is a robust tool that empowers users to seamlessly integrate trading application APIs for web or mobile platforms with the Stoxbox Order Management System (OMS). With a REST-based API, developers can build diverse functionalities for their trading applications or portals, leveraging the power of this service.

Who Can Take Benefits of StoxBox API


Meet StoxBox, your ultimate technology-based value broker. With StoxBox, you’ll have access to a wide range of financial products designed to supercharge your investing game. We are not discount brokers. We believe in providing the value and helping our customers succeed in their trading and investing.

Algo Traders

Our flagship product ProTips, provides buy-sell-exit trading recommendations and option strategies across all asset classes. Enjoy zero-brokerage by subscribing to ProTips, an unbiased, high performing, timely buy-sell-exit recommendations.

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