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Target (Rs) Potential Upside % CMP Investment Horizon:
₹ 450
12 Months

Delhivery, started in 2011, is known for its express delivery services. It is growing fast because more people are buying things online. The logistics field in India is changing from being unorganised to more organised, which is good for Delhivery. They focus on being people-friendly, growing through partnerships, and being efficient. Delhivery helps a lot of different customers, like online stores and small businesses, with their shipping needs. They use over 80 apps and cover almost all postal areas in India. Their services include quick parcel delivery, part and full truckload freight, international shipping, and managing supply chains for businesses.

Why invest in Delhivery?
Robust operational efficiency and cost competitiveness will lead to higher market share
Delhivery is doing well in the logistics and delivery business because it’s efficient and keeps costs low. This makes them a strong choice for online businesses that need to send packages. They use technology smartly to make deliveries quicker and cheaper by needing fewer people and using less fuel. This helps them keep prices competitive and use their trucks more, which means more profit. They’re also expanding their reach beyond big cities, which should bring in more customers, especially from smaller towns.

Strategic focus on diversification leading to customer base expansion
The company is also good at getting a variety of customers, reducing its reliance on just a few big ones. This is important because it makes the business more stable. They offer great services at good prices, which attracts small businesses, especially those that sell directly to consumers. All these efforts are making Delhivery a key player in the logistics world, especially as online shopping grows.

Valuation and Outlook
Delhivery’s performance in express delivery and part-truckload (PTL) shipping is strong, helped by its use of technology. This positions it well in the market, even with usual industry ups and downs. The company’s smart ways of working efficiently in business-to-consumer (B2C) operations match well with what cost-aware customers want, hinting at potential growth in market share. Improvements in business-to-business (B2B) services are also making Delhivery’s network faster and more reliable, leading to better profits. The company’s good financial management is expected to continue, contributing to a strong financial outlook. Growth in various sectors like full truckload (FTL) shipping and cross-border services is expected, fueled by India’s economic growth and new services like Orion. With all these positive factors, Delhivery looks like a good investment for the future.

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