Target (Rs) Upside % Buying range Stop Loss Risk %
₹ 2,193
CMP- ₹1,791
₹ 1,726

Gland Pharma, started in 1978 in Hyderabad, India, engaged in manufacturing of generic injectable medicines. They work in 60 countries, including the US, Europe, Canada, Australia, India, and more. They mainly sell to other businesses and offer services like helping develop new medicines, preparing documents for approval, transferring technology, and making various types of medicines. They’re known for being really good at researching, making, and selling these injectable medicines for over 40 years. Now, they’re starting to make more complex injectables and biologics/biosimilars, which are like generic versions of biotech drugs. They work in different health areas and make medicines in different forms like liquid vials, freeze-dried vials, pre-filled syringes, ampoules, bags, and drops.

Key Investment Thesis

In the second quarter of FY24, they introduced 34 new products in the US, including nine brand new ones. They plan to launch over 60 products in the US soon, and they see a chance to do well in cancer-related medicines.
They have also grown in Europe by buying other companies that make medicines and plan to use these new resources and markets to grow even more. They’re moving some manufacturing to India, which should help in the long run.
Gland Pharma is really good at making injectables and is a leader in this area. They make important medicines for critical care, cancer treatment, and other health issues. Their skill in injectables gives them an edge in the global market.
They are doing well in their main markets, including India. They’re also getting better at running their business and saving money, which helps them make more profit. They’re looking forward to growing more by launching new products and expanding in different markets with the help of partners.


Gland Pharma is doing well in its main markets and products, and it looks like they will keep making good money in the future. We think they’ll keep doing well with their current products and grow more with new products, expanding their range and reaching more markets through partnerships. They’re also growing in Europe and planning to launch more products in China because the prices are better there. They’re on track with their regular business and are also working on more complex products, with one already filed for approval and two more planned soon. So, we think the future looks bright for Gland Pharma.


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