ICICI Bank Ltd Result Update-Q3FY24

ICICI Bank –  Record-breaking growth in digital and payments platform

ICICI Bank –  Record-breaking growth in digital and payments platform

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ICICI Bank Q3 Results: Net interest income grew by 13.4%

Sector Outlook – Positive

In Q3FY24, ICICI Bank showed solid performance with its Net Interest Income reaching Rs. 18,679 crores, a 13.4% increase compared to last year. 

Its operating profit before provisions also rose by 10.9% to Rs. 14,724 crores. However, the bank had to set aside more money for potential losses (provisions), which jumped to Rs. 1,049 crores due to new regulatory requirements for investments in alternative funds. 

Despite this, the bank’s profit for the quarter still managed a 23.6% year-over-year increase, reaching Rs. 10,272 crores. Its interest margin slightly declined, and the ratio of bad loans (Gross NPA) improved, indicating better loan quality. 

One major expense was a one-time payment for retirement benefits. The bank’s total deposits grew by 18.7% to Rs. 13,32,315 crores, and loans increased by 18.5% to Rs. 11,53,771 crores, showing strong growth especially in business banking and SME sectors. However, the proportion of low-cost deposits (CASA) decreased compared to last year.


Key Concall Highlights

  • ICICI Bank’s goal is to increase profits before taxes, focusing on customer needs across different sectors.
  • Personal loan growth was slower in Q3FY24 due to higher loan pricing, tighter lending criteria, and reduced sourcing costs.
  • New defaults occurred in retail, rural, and business banking, but didn’t significantly impact total bad loans thanks to improvements in corporate and SME loans.
  • Profit margins from lending (NIM) faced pressure but were balanced by additional income from tax refunds.
  • Non-interest income, including dividends from ICICI Securities and other investments, showed significant annual growth.
  • Operating expenses rose due to increased sales and marketing activities during the festive season.
  • The bank aims to maintain profit margins at FY23 levels, anticipating a slight decrease in NIM in Q4FY24.
  • Changes in term deposit rates are expected to impact profits in Q4FY24 and Q1FY25.
  • Management has implemented stricter measures for unsecured loans, such as increasing prices, rationalising sourcing costs, and tightening lending standards.


Valuation and Outlook

ICICI Bank, one of India’s major private banks, had a strong performance in the third quarter of the fiscal year 2024. Despite some challenges with profit margins from lending (NIM), the bank did well due to its fee income, beating profit expectations. The bank managed to reduce its provisions for bad loans thanks to fewer new defaults and a good approach to risk. A key achievement was attracting over one crore customers from other banks using its digital platform, iMobile Pay. The bank has been focusing more on attracting deposits lately. While its loan quality looks stable for now, there might be some concerns about potential loan defaults in the future, but the bank’s strong lending history suggests this won’t be a major problem. ICICI Bank’s strategy includes expanding its services in rural areas and using its large network of branches and ATMs for more product sales, which should keep its profits high. With a Return on Assets (RoA) within the expected range, the bank is positioned for double-digit growth. In case of any pressure on revenue, the bank might reduce its operational expenses to maintain profitability, but this could mean losing some market share due to stiff competition in the banking sector.

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