India’s first ChatGPT-powered AI chatbot- Lexi

India’s first ChatGPT-powered AI chatbot- Lexi

Homegrown financial technology company Velocity debuted Lexi, India’s first AI chatbot, on Monday. It is integrated with OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

This most recent development in artificial intelligence has been merged by Velocity with its current analytics product, Velocity Insights.

A daily business report on WhatsApp is provided to Indian eCommerce firms using Velocity Insights, which prompted the company to also incorporate ChatGPT.

“Ever since ChatGPT launched, our product teams have been brainstorming how it can be leveraged to benefit our founders. Since Velocity customers already use Insights on a daily basis, we integrated ChatGPT with the same interface that they leverage for driving business decisions,” Abhiroop Medhekar, Co-founder and CEO of said in a statement.

“Now that ChatGPT has been integrated, I can use AI as a personal assistant whenever I need assistance with my business. For instance, I regularly use the integration to write, copy and compile responses to questions about performance marketing,” he continued.

In two months, ChatGPT reportedly attracted 100 million users and received more than 590 million visits.

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