Target (Rs) Upside % CMP Stop Loss Risk %
₹ 459
₹ 395

Technical View

Building a Strong Base: The stock is making a strong base, meaning it’s getting ready for potential growth after a big rise from a low point (known as a double bottom pattern).

Sharp Drop and Bounce Back: There was a quick drop in the stock price by 22.6% just after it hit a really high point, but it bounced back, showing it’s still strong.

More Buying at High Prices: The stock is seeing more buying even at higher prices, which suggests that smart investors believe it’s going to keep doing well.

Steady, Not Shaky: Looking at the stock’s movements over the past 50 weeks, it’s been pretty steady without too many wild swings, which is also true on a day-to-day basis.

Strong Momentum: The stock’s momentum, how fast and in what direction it’s moving, is looking really strong. This is shown by something called the RSI, which is above 60 on both daily and longer views.

Improving Earnings and Interest from Buyers: The company is making more money (better EPS) and more people want to buy the stock, which are good signs for future growth.

Overall, a Good Buy: Considering all this, the stock seems like a good choice to buy, especially for JSW Energy at a price of 414, with the potential to gain 10% while risking only 5%.

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