Lumax Industries Ltd Quarterly Result Update

Lumax Industries Ltd Quarterly Result Update

Lumax Industries Gears Up for a Bright Future in Auto Lighting

Lumax Industries Ltd., which makes automotive lighting, didn’t have the best second quarter in the fiscal year 2024. Their sales grew a little bit, by 3.8% compared to last year, reaching Rs. 643.8 crores. But this was less than what they hoped for, mainly because they didn’t sell as much in the two-wheeler (like motorcycles and scooters) segment.

Their profits before considering things like interest and taxes (EBITDA) went down by 11.5% from last year, but it was better than the last quarter. One reason for this decrease was the costs of starting a new plant in Pune and higher expenses for their staff. Their net profit (how much money they made after all expenses) also dropped compared to last year but was a bit better than the last quarter.

The good news is that Lumax has a lot of orders waiting to be filled, worth Rs. 2,200 crores. Most of these orders are for car parts, but there are also orders for two-wheelers, commercial vehicles, and agricultural equipment. They have a significant number of orders for electric vehicle parts too, about 30% of the total, and they expect this to increase.

They plan to complete 25% of these orders this year, most of them next year, and the rest the year after. Their new Chakan plant, which just started operating, is expected to make a lot of money for them in the next couple of years.

Even though they made less money from Maruti Suzuki Ltd. this quarter, they’re expecting things to pick up with this important client. They have big orders from Maruti Suzuki and are also expecting more business from Mahindra & Mahindra and Tata Motors starting next year, especially from their new facility.

Lumax has been selling more LED lights over the past five years, which now make up a significant part of their business. They are working on making more of these LED parts in India instead of importing them, which should help them save costs and make more profit.

Overall, despite some challenges, Lumax is in a good position. They’re growing, especially with their new plant, and their focus on electric vehicles and LEDs shows they’re keeping up with market trends. They’re confident about making better profits in the future and continue to be a strong player in the automotive lighting industry.

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