Money & World Cup

Money & World Cup

Messi just won his first world cup. Most of us are well aware of this fact. But do we know the winning prize for first place at the world cup, or second or third? Well, we do and that is the whole point of this article. We will also be sharing some insights that we bet even football fans like you did not know!
It is definitely about money, a lot of money!

Here’s the amount of money the teams won post-World Cup 2022.
Argentina: $42 million
France: $30 million
Croatia: $27 million

Now let’s come to the garam masala part:
The quarter-finalists Brazil, Netherlands, Portugal, and England didn’t go back empty-handed, in fact they received prize money as well. Wait, we are not done yet. Not only the quarter-finalists but the United States, Senegal, Australia, Poland, Spain, Japan, Switzerland, and South Korea, the teams who made it to the round of 16, also did earn a huge chunk of money!!

Well, here is a list of the earnings the following made:

Quarter-finalists: $17 million each
Round of 16: $13 million each

Outstanding right?
Well, that’s a wrap from us. We’ll see you again, reader, with another hot topic and a pinch of garam masala with it.

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