REC becomes a major stakeholder in the Boxing Federation of India

REC becomes a major stakeholder in the Boxing Federation of India

(REC) Rural Electrification Corporation has promised ₹30 crores to the Boxing Federation of India (BFI) to boost boxing as a sport in India.

As per the support agreement, the Boxing Federation of India plans to host an international training camp in New Delhi during the IBA Women’s World Boxing Championships in 2023.

BFI’s vice president and head of marketing Debesho Maharshi says they are thrilled to have REC onboard as a major stakeholder in their mission of taking Indian boxing to a whole new level. Their vision towards the sport is no different than BFI’s of making India the world’s leading boxing nation.

REC also plans to contribute to organizing international camps for national boxers of all age categories and also assist in development from scratch by providing state-level training academies and coaches to boost boxing in India.

In addition, the agreement mentions accelerating progress by supporting young boxers and providing scholarships to all the individual talents.

BFI’s VP also added that this collaboration will definitely help in motivating and finding fresh talents and take this sport to a different level, where the objective is to host as many international camps and tournaments and invite foreign teams.

Indian boxing has seen a rise in the last few years with the country clinching 140 medals at the top international tournaments. India also jumped spots to rank third among all the boxing nations in the world ranking recently.

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