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Thala for a Reason’: Unveiling 2024’s 7 Most Commanding Stocks

Thala for a Reason’: Unveiling 2024’s 7 Most Commanding Stocks

Ashoka Buildcon (Target: Rs 163)

Ashoka Buildcon, a veteran in construction for over 40 years, stands out as a ‘Thala’ in its field. Its expertise in infrastructure, fueled by significant orders in road EPC and HAM, underlines its commanding presence. The company’s strategic asset monetization and divestments have effectively reduced its debt by over Rs. 5,616 crores, showcasing its financial acumen. With a target price of Rs. 163 per share, based on a P/E of 13x for FY23, Ashoka Buildcon is a strong contender in the market, embodying the ‘Thala for a reason’ trend through its robust performance and growth prospects.

Bharti Airtel (Target: Rs 1,106)

As a dominant ‘Thala’ in the telecom sector, this company stands on firm ground with leading ARPU and a focus on premium services. It’s growing its subscriber base and benefiting from tariff hikes. The shift from 2G to 4G, and prepaid to postpaid services, alongside better data monetization, are expected to boost its ARPU. With its strong performance in the Fixed Broadband and Enterprise sectors, the company is poised for sustained revenue growth. Acknowledging its robust business execution, its long-term prospects are highly regarded, justifying a P/E of 38x for FY23 earnings and a target price of Rs. 1,106 per share.

Colgate Palmolive (Target: Rs 2,500)

In the oral care market, there’s a significant opportunity for growth, as a large portion of the urban and rural populations don’t maintain regular toothbrushing habits. The company has shown promising signs of recovery in rural markets and is exploring global opportunities for the domestic market. With the leadership of the new CEO, Ms. Prabha Narasimhan, and her strategic vision, the company’s growth trajectory looks positive. Its long-term prospects are strong, leading to a positive valuation of a P/E of 50x based on FY23 earnings, setting a target price of Rs. 2,500 per share. This approach aligns with the ‘Thala for a reason’ trend, emphasising the company’s leadership and potential in the oral care sector.

Dabur India (Target: Rs 640)


Dabur, known for its strategic market growth in sectors like hair oil and honey, has emerged as a ‘Thala’ in its industry. With a significant net cash reserve, it’s expanding into fast-growing sectors, notably with the acquisition of Badshah Masala. This move, coupled with a strong recovery in rural markets and the anticipation of a robust winter quarter driven by high-margin products, positions Dabur favourably. Financially, favourable raw material prices are expected to aid in achieving targeted margins. The company’s robust return on investment and proactive management underline its status as a market leader, mirroring the ‘Thala for a reason’ trend.

Jio Financial Services (Target: Rs 350)

Jio Financial Services (JFL) is shaping up to be a financial powerhouse, backed by the strong Ambani family’s investment, akin to a ‘Thala’ in the financial sector. With a significant stake in Reliance Industries, JFL is positioned with a substantial asset base. Its competitive edge in funding costs and a vast customer base from its retail and telecom arms provide a solid foundation for growth. Under the leadership of Mr. KV Kamath, a respected figure in finance, JFL is strategically poised to be a major player in India’s financial sector transformation.

Minda Corporation (Target: Rs 500)

Minda, a leader in automotive components with a focus on various vehicle segments, stands out as a ‘Thala’ in its industry due to its impressive performance in two-wheeler sales. With a strong order book, including a significant share from new business and replacement parts, the company is set for substantial growth, especially with its EV-ready products. Minda’s innovative approach, aiming for products with higher content value and projected revenue growth, reinforces its dominant position in the market, promising a positive future trajectory for the stock.

Puravankara Limited (Target: Rs 176)

The company’s robust project pipeline, covering 15 million square feet in various segments, is a testament to its ‘Thala’ status in the real estate sector. A significant portion of these projects is outside Bangalore, diversifying its market reach. The management’s strategy to launch a considerable part of this pipeline soon, combined with strong cash flow projections and a focus on new acquisitions, underlines the company’s growth trajectory. Improved operational metrics further bolster confidence in the company’s future, making it a promising investment with an expected share price rise.

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