Why did Susan Wojcicki step down as CEO of YouTube

Why did Susan Wojcicki step down as CEO of YouTube?

Susan Wojcicki informed the YouTube team of her resignation in a memo on Thursday. She declared that she was prepared for a “new chapter centered on my family, health, and personally meaningful pursuits.”

After over 25 years at Google and nine years as CEO of YouTube, Susan Wojcicki announced her resignation on Thursday. Neal Mohan, an Indian American working as the company’s chief product officer, will take her position.

Wojcicki stated, “I can do this because YouTube has a great leadership team, and the time is right for me.

She noted that Mohan would fill her position “One of my top aims after joining YouTube nine years ago was to assemble a stellar leadership group. Neal Mohan, the new SVP and CEO of YouTube, was one of those executives. I’ve worked with Neal for about 15 years, starting in 2007 when Google acquired DoubleClick and continuing as his position grew to become SVP of Display and Video Ads. In 2015, he was appointed Chief Product Officer of YouTube.”

She announced the news and said that Mohan has a “fantastic intuition for our business, staff, user and creator communities, and product. Neal will do a great job of leading YouTube.”

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