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StoxBox Odin Diet Trading Software
Trade in a seamless manner on a real-time basis using the Odin Diet platform

Key Features of Odin Diet


Heat Map shows percentage change in a particular scrip indicated with colour change. Blue shade indicates a price increase for scrips, and Red shade indicates the price of scrips, which trailed during the trading session.

Combined best five

The combined Best Five window lets you view the Combined Depth of NSE & BSE.

Grab Analysis

Grab Analysis allows you to view Price and Quantity available in the market. You can view Cumulative Quantity value, Cum Quantity Value and Cumulative average Price and place Buy or Sell orders.

Bulk order entry

Bulk Orders Entry enables creating a batch of orders (offline entries are supported) and loading the complete bulk together. This feature of ODIN™ Client prepares you to be ready prior and save trading time.

Step by Step guide to Install Odin Diet


Start by downloading the setup & registry :

StoxBox Odin Diet Trading Software
Right-click on RIBBONDIET32_SP21_BASE_SETUP and run as administrator.
StoxBox Odin Diet Trading Software
Right-click on the odin diet icon on the desktop, click on properties, in shortcut, click on advanced settings and check the box for run as administrator.
StoxBox Odin Diet Trading Software
Then click on compatibility, click on change for all users, check the box for run as administrator & hit OK. Now, the setup is completed.
StoxBox Odin Diet Trading Software
If facing any issues feel free to contact our IT team for support on 022-61596122
StoxBox Odin Diet Trading Software

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