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Unrestricted Market Access

Enjoy round-the-clock accessibility to the market, ensuring you never miss an opportunity.

Pro Charting with Live Charts

Unleash the potential of our advanced charting tools, providing you with real-time, dynamic visuals to aid in making informed trading decisions.

Alerts and Notifications

Get notified and alert about price levels and trading calls to stay updated on your trades.


Trade Execution

Place orders on StoxBox PowerTrader at the light of speed with the super fast lightning platform available for everyone to unleash the trader within them.


Standout offerings with PowerTrader

StoxBox web trading platform


Access Intraday, short-term and long-term calls from research experts to trade wisely.

StoxBox web trading platform

Trade Analytics

Get trade analysis of calls opted with and without StoxCalls to optimize your portfolio's performance.

StoxBox web trading platform

Company Insights

In-Depth information of each company with exquisite details to influence your research for improved market analysis.

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Stoxbox proudly presents the Web Trader – the ultimate desktop trading platform accessible directly from your browser. Specifically designed for beginners in India, our Web Trader provides a seamless and user-friendly trading experience. Whether you’re interested in trading stocks, options, or engaging in intraday activities, our platform equips you with the tools to trade from anywhere with ease. With a focus on reliability and convenience, the Web Trader ensures that you have the freedom to execute trades and manage your investments without limitations. Whether you’re at home, in the office, or on the go, our Web Trader empowers you to embark on your trading journey confidently, navigating the markets with precision and efficiency.