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Around a decade ago, I met a CA who was well-versed in taxation as well as markets. We spoke about a lot of things when I told him that I’m into trading, and here are the questions he asked me to which I had no responses as I wasn’t very well-versed with it. 

  • How should I report my profits and/or losses from trading? 
  • Should I distinguish between speculative and non-speculative business income? 
  • He also questioned me about the ledgers of finances that I am supposed to maintain.

After this, I decided to take matters into my own hands and study the trading as well as taxes, and it is extremely important when it comes to their significance to the markets. 

Yes, it gets complicated because of the extensive use of jargon, odd references to sections, subsections, circulars, and other such things. 

However, I have tried and simplified it as much as possible in the upcoming chapters. 

In the following chapters, you will understand everything you need to know about taxation related to markets, from short-term capital gains to treating intraday trades as speculative business income or Section 44AD & 44ADA. 

Let’s get started now!


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