Thematic Investing Growth

Thematic Investing Growth

How do you go about your investments in the equity market? Do you track the Nifty or invest via IPOs? Or do you invest in a sector you believe in, without really worrying too much about the companies in the sector? For instance, there is huge potential for growth within the pharmaceuticals industry, especially with all the vaccines and medicines being developed. News reports are also bullish on the segment, on a global basis. In such a scenario, many people would decide to invest in pharma companies, without really delving into the fundamentals of individual stocks. This is primarily because few among us are really aware of the underlying financials of companies, and, in addition, tracking all the movements in niche segments becomes difficult.

If you go about your investments this way, then you are a practitioner of thematic investment. And, you are not alone! Indeed, a growing number of investors are opting for thematic investing as it solves the issues raised by lack of time and experience. Through this method, you can invest in various specialised sectors that will provide you with concentrated exposure which is in line with your industry outlook. The practice is becoming increasingly popular given the limited amount of effort required. However, it is still important that you study and analyse the theme or sector of your interest and benchmark it against the market before investing. If you are yet to join the bandwagon, you can begin thematic investing through Stoxbox. Now, what is truly unique about Stoxbox is that you don’t need to limit yourself to sectoral or market capitalisation themes.  Ofcourse, you can invest in a sectoral Stoxbox like FMCG, however, you can also invest in a Stoxbox with unique themes like a Momentum Stoxbox, or even a Technofunda Stoxbox. This way, you will not only be able to play on several themes but also get an opportunity to diversify your portfolio.

Increasing popularity of thematic investing

The practice is gaining interest from global investors due to a number of proven benefits such as –

  • Concentrated efforts: Thematic investments are more concentrated than passive or regular funds. Therefore, if you are confident of the sectoral outlook or your chosen theme, you can stand to make strong returns through such investments.
  • Smaller pool of stocks: While other funds and strategies look at a large array of sectors and stocks, thematic investments focus on a smaller pool and this makes it easier to study and gauge future trends. There is greater potential for growth and wealth accumulation through this approach.
  • Diverse exposure: Even as thematic investments park funds in a singular sector, the risk is still considerably mitigated as all the money is not invested in a single company but rather spread across a variety of stocks belonging to the same sector.
  • Structural shifts: With sectors growing at a rapid pace in the current bull market and several new and emerging themes jostling for attention, thematic investments allow you to take advantage of structural shifts in the market.
  • Tap emerging opportunities: Thematic investing is especially evident in emerging sectors like sustainable and clean energy, and renewable solutions. Buying into such themes makes you prepared for a future where these technologies will hold centre stage.

With marked benefits and the option of saving on time and energy required on in-depth research, thematic investing offers you the possibility of earning high returns while maintaining positions in sectors and themes that you believe in. Further, with lack of experience not proving a deterrent, there is no confusion as to why the method is gaining in popularity, especially among busy millennials.

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