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Institutional grade research and data available for everyone

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StoxBox - Technology based Value Broker

The research team at StoxBox is committed to providing timely, insightful, and actionable insights to clients, enabling them to make informed decisions and stay ahead. Our exceptional performance is attributed to our motivated team of research professionals who deliver quality research outputs across various sectors and asset classes. The strength of our team lies in their impressive academic backgrounds (CAs, CFAs, MBAs), domain expertise, and creative talent, guided by experienced senior research management. We aim to be the go-to destination for all our clients’ research needs, consistently delivering outstanding results in different market cycles.

Institutional Grade Research Quality

Weekly Report: 16th March 2024
Weekly Report: 16 March 2024
Weekly Report: 11th March 2024
Weekly Report: 11 March 2024
Stock Market Analysis Weekly Report-StoxBox
Weekly Report: 4 March 2024
DateReport NameReport TypeReport
16-03-2024Weekly Report: 16 March 2024WeeklyRead Report
11-03-2024Weekly Report: 11 March 2024WeeklyRead Report
04-03-2024Weekly Report: 04 March 2024WeeklyRead Report
19-02-2024Weekly Report: February 19 2024WeeklyRead Report
13-02-2024Weekly Report: February 13 2024WeeklyRead Report
05-02-2024Weekly Report: February 05 2024WeeklyRead Report
29-01-2024Weekly Report: January 29 2023WeeklyRead Report
23-01-2024Weekly Report: January 23 2023WeeklyRead Report
15-01-2024Weekly Report: January 15 2023WeeklyRead Report
08-01-2024Weekly Report: January 08 2023WeeklyRead Report
02-01-2024Weekly Report: January 02 2023WeeklyRead Report
26-12-2023Weekly Report: December 26 2023WeeklyRead Report
18-12-2023Weekly Report: December 18 2023WeeklyRead Report
11-12-2023Weekly Report: December 11 2023WeeklyRead Report
04-12-2023Weekly Report: December 04 2023WeeklyRead Report
28-11-2023Weekly Report: November 28 2023WeeklyRead Report
18-11-2023Weekly Report: November 18 2023WeeklyRead Report
11-11-2023Weekly Report: November 11 2023WeeklyRead Report
06-11-2023Weekly Report: November 06 2023WeeklyRead Report
28-10-2023Weekly Report: October 28
WeeklyRead Report
23-10-2023Weekly Report: October 23
WeeklyRead Report
16-10-2023Weekly Report: October 16
WeeklyRead Report
07-10-2023Weekly Report: October 07 2023WeeklyRead Report
30-09-2023Weekly Report: September 30 2023WeeklyRead Report
23-09-2023Weekly Report: September 23 2023WeeklyRead Report
09-09-2023Weekly Report: September 09, 2023WeeklyRead Report
02-09-2023Weekly Report: September 02, 2023WeeklyRead Report
26-08-2023Weekly Report: August 26, 2023WeeklyRead Report
19-08-2023Weekly Report: August 19, 2023WeeklyRead Report
12-08-2023Weekly Report: August 12, 2023WeeklyRead Report
07-08-2023Weekly Report: August 07, 2023WeeklyRead Report
30-08-2023Weekly Report: July 30, 2023WeeklyRead Report
22-08-2023Weekly Report: July 21, 2023WeeklyRead Report
15-08-2023Weekly Report: July 15, 2023WeeklyRead Report
08-07-2023Weekly Report: July 08, 2023WeeklyRead Report
03-07-2023Weekly Report: July 03
, 2023
WeeklyRead Report
24-06-2023Weekly Report: June 24, 2023WeeklyRead Report
19-06-2023Weekly Report: June 19, 2023WeeklyRead Report
12-06-2023Weekly Report: June 12, 2023WeeklyRead Report
03-06-2023Weekly Report: June 03, 2023WeeklyRead Report
29-05-2023Weekly Report: 29th May 23WeeklyRead Report
22-05-2023Weekly Report: 22nd May 23WeeklyRead Report
15-05-2023Weekly Report: 15th May 23WeeklyRead Report
08-05-2023Weekly Report: 08th May 23WeeklyRead Report
02-05-2023Weekly Report: 02nd May 23WeeklyRead Report
24-04-2023Weekly Report: 24th April 23WeeklyRead Report
17-04-2023Weekly Report: 17th April 23WeeklyRead Report
10-04-2023Weekly Report: 10th April 23WeeklyRead Report
03-04-2023Weekly Report: 3rd April 23WeeklyRead Report
27-03-2023Weekly Report: 27th March 23Weekly Read Report
20-03-2023Weekly Report: 20th March 23WeeklyRead Report
13-03-2023Weekly Report: 13th March 23Weekly Read Report
06-03-2023Weekly Report: 06th March 23Weekly Read Report
27-02-2023Weekly Report: 27th Feb 23WeeklyRead Report
20-02-2023Weekly Report: 20th Feb 23WeeklyRead Report
13-02-2023Weekly Report: 13th Feb 23WeeklyRead Report
06-02-2023Weekly Report: 06th Feb 23WeeklyRead Report
30-01-2023Weekly Report: 30th Jan 23WeeklyRead Report
23-01-2023Weekly Report: 23rd Jan 23WeeklyRead Report
16-01-2023Weekly Report: 16th Jan 23
Read Report
09-01-2023Weekly Report: 9th Jan 23WeeklyRead Report
02-01-2023Weekly Report: 2nd Jan 23WeeklyRead Report
24-12-2022Weekly Report: 24th Dec 22WeeklyRead Report
17-12-2022Weekly Report: 17th Dec 22WeeklyRead Report
10-12-2022Weekly Report: 10th Dec 22WeeklyRead Report
03-12-2022Weekly Report: 03rd Dec 22WeeklyRead Report
26-11-2022Weekly Report: 26th Nov 22WeeklyRead Report
18-11-2022Weekly Report: 18th Nov 22WeeklyRead Report
12-11-2022Weekly Report: 12th Nov 22WeeklyRead Report
05-11-2022Weekly Report: 5th Nov 22WeeklyRead Report
29-10-2022Weekly Report: 29th Oct 22WeeklyRead Report
22-10-2022Weekly Report: 22nd Oct 22WeeklyRead Report
15-10-2022Weekly Report: 15th Oct 22WeeklyRead Report
08-10-2022Weekly Report: 08th Oct 22WeeklyRead Report
01-10-2022Weekly Report: 01st Oct 22WeeklyRead Report
24-09-2022Weekly Report: 24th Sep 22WeeklyRead Report
17-09-2022Weekly Report: 17th Sep 22WeeklyRead Report
10-09-2022Weekly Report: 10th Sep 22WeeklyRead Report
03-09-2022Weekly Report: 03rd Sep 22WeeklyRead Report
13-08-2022Weekly Report: 13th Aug 22WeeklyRead Report
23-07-2022Weekly Report: 23rd July 22WeeklyRead Report
16-07-2022Weekly Report: 16th July 22WeeklyRead Report
09-07-2022Weekly Report: 09th July 22WeeklyRead Report
02-07-2022Weekly Report: 02nd July 22WeeklyRead Report
25-06-2022Weekly Report: 25th June 22Weekly Read Report
18-06-2022Weekly Report: 18th June 22WeeklyRead Report
11-06-2022Weekly Report: 11th June 22WeeklyRead Report
04-06-2022Weekly Report: 4th June 22WeeklyRead Report
28-05-2022Weekly Report: 28th May 22WeeklyRead Report
21-05-2022Weekly Report: 21st May 22WeeklyRead Report
14-05-2022Weekly Report: 14th May 22WeeklyRead Report
07-05-2022Weekly Report: 7th May 22WeeklyRead Report
30-04-2022Weekly Report: 30th April 22WeeklyRead Report
23-04-2022Weekly Report: 23rd April 22WeeklyRead Report
14-04-2022Weekly Report: 14th April 22WeeklyRead Report
09-04-2022Weekly Report: 9th April 22WeeklyRead Report
02-04-2022Weekly Report: 2nd April 22WeeklyRead Report
26-03-2022Weekly Report: 26th Mar 22WeeklyRead Report
19-03-2022Weekly Report: 19th Mar 22WeeklyRead Report
12-03-2022Weekly Report: 12th Mar 22WeeklyRead Report
05-03-2022Weekly Report: 5th Mar 22WeeklyRead Report
26-02-2022Weekly Report: 25th Feb 22WeeklyRead Report
19-02-2022Weekly Report: 19th Feb 22WeeklyRead Report
12-02-2022Weekly Report: 12th Feb 22WeeklyRead Report
05-02-2022Weekly Report: 5th Feb 22WeeklyRead Report
29-01-2022Weekly Report: 29th Jan 22WeeklyRead Report
22-01-2022Weekly Report: 22nd Jan 22WeeklyRead Report
15-01-2022Weekly Report: 15th Jan 22WeeklyRead Report
08-01-2022Weekly Report: 8th Jan 22WeeklyRead Report
DateReport NameReport Type
01-01-20232023: Speciaal Report (Market Outlook & Stock Recommendations)Special ReportsRead Report
07-11-2022Techno Funda Nov 2022Techno FundaRead Report
19-10-2022Diwali Picks 2022Diwali PicksRead Report
06-04-2022Techno Funda: April 2022Techno FundaRead Report
09-12-2021Techno Funda: Dec 21Techno FundaRead Report
07-02-2022Techno unda: Feb 2022Techno FundaRead Report

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At Stoxbox, we understand the significance of thorough stock analysis and how it can empower investors to make informed decisions. That’s why we provide free financial research reports that offer comprehensive insights into the market and various investment opportunities. Our research reports cover a wide range of stocks, giving investors a clear picture of their potential for growth and profitability. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just starting, our research reports are a valuable resource to guide your investing journey. We are committed to equipping you with the knowledge you need to navigate the market and make successful investment choices. With Stoxbox, you can stay ahead in the market and make well-informed investment decisions with confidence.